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Antenna - WLAN Wireless LAN Bluetooth GPS

Antenna - WLAN Wireless LAN Bluetooth GPS
Product ID: Electronics

Metal faceplate parts for cell phone are made of aluminum, and they are varnished to make the end items be the metallic look as well as avoid rusting on the surface treatment. The printing type is screen printing. The printing ink used for the metal faceplate parts is Anti-UV, not easily fades. And metal faceplate parts are used in Watt-hour meter, gas meter, and others. Ming Chiang Precision Co., Ltd. is responsible for metal faceplate parts for cell phone with high quality and high durability. Due to your requirement, we can design and fabricate different color, shape and size, even laser engraving Bar code on the escutcheon. In addition, we also provide many kinds of products for cell phone, including metal faceplate parts, battery connectors, cell phone slide, cell phone keypad, and so on. If you have any question about the components of cell phones, do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you professional suggestions and responses.

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