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Automotive metal parts

Automotive metal parts (Automotive)

Precision custom metal stampings made to order for use in the automotive industry. Stampings can be produced for high-volume manufacturing runs or prototypes. Engineering services are also available. Our automotive stamp...

Battery Coin Cell Holder , Spring Battery Connector

Battery Coin Cell Holder , Spring Battery Connector (TMJ)

Ming Chiang has developed a new product BATTERY COIN CELL HOLDER This is a common use in the market nowadays. Very Simple design to solve various compatibility issues of your product needs.  You can refer to our dat...

CNC Machining Components

CNC Machining Components (CNC Machining Components)

In order to continue to expand Ming Chiang's capabilities, we upgraded our CNC machine tools to provide customers with high-quality CNC components. We manufacture CNC machining parts and precision assemblies for numerous...

Auxiliary Measuring Fixture

Auxiliary Measuring Fixture (B-MJ)

Ming Chiang has developed a new product Auxiliary measuring fixture. It is a very convenient support tool for measuring stamped metal parts in any direction. if you need more information please contact us at sales@mjtw.c...

Customized Insert Molded Parts

Customized Insert Molded Parts (Customized Metal Insert Plastic Injection Molded Parts)

Our customized insert molded parts have used advanced quality equipment to enable us to create consistent and high quality products in various industries. In Ming Chiang we always ensure that there are high-quality raw m...

Laser Welding Parts

Laser Welding Parts

Ming Chiang now provides laser welding services to our clients.It consist of two or more metal parts to be joined together through laser welding process. Our machines have the capability of giving you precise laser weldi...

Plastic Laser Welding

Plastic Laser Welding (Plastic Laser Welding)

We can also perform plastic welding on metal parts. Our plastic welding service is designed to work with metal parts and provide a strong, durable bond. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that our plas...

Coin Cell Battery Contacts

Coin Cell Battery Contacts (TMJ-11201/TMJ-11202)

Thickness: 0.15mm Material: Stanless steel Finishing: Gold Plated Packaging: Tape and Reel or Customized Packaging We also accepting personal request for your desired designs, sizes, and shapes of the tool andany other ...

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