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Manufacturer of stamped metal parts in electronics, medical, automotive, industrial and other fields. Experience the highest quality metal works from here. Contact us to get more information! *Ming Chiang enhances its capabilities by developing its own products.*
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Our Process Capability






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                                                                    LASER ENGRAVING


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    LASER WELDING 

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                                                                        CNC MACHINING 

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          For prototypes can be produced in a much shorter lead time and reduce the material consumption.


                                                                   CNC AUTOMATIC LATHE

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                                                  Sliding Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathe
Outstanding performance for machining high speed, small diameter applications and can do both long and short workpieces with complex shapes.


                                                                     WIRE CUTTING

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                                              AUTOMATIC TEST AND PACKING EQUIPMENT

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                                                   (Shielding Case flatness inspection and tray packaging)

                                                        IMAGE DIMENSION MEASUREMENT SYSTEM

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                                              AUTOMATIC INSPECTION EQUIPMENT

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SPECIFICATIONS: 3D Measurement System Macroscope

Equipped with a variety of 3D measurement tools, the VR-3200 is able to calculate profiles, roughness, waviness, height changes, angles, volumes, and much more. Once this data has been collected, users can quickly create reports with the built-in software and also export files directly to a CAD program.


                                                                  MULTI-CAMERA VISION SYSTEM

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